I’ve been working in the web industry since 1996 in marketing communications roles in High Potential Start-Ups (HPSUs), technology and/or web companies. I spent some time in academia as a lecturer and course director and then put that theory into practice by founding Flexitimers.com. I’ve always had an interest in insightful research and have freelanced widely over the years and am currently head of research of a tech company (part-time) and provide mentoring and training to a wide range of start-ups and social enterprise across Wexford and Dublin.

My time in academia has taught me to sift and analyse quality secondary data and how to devise, collect and interpret primary research. I can stand in front of an audience and deliver provocative insights rather than turgid stats and present those findings in such a way that encourages/inspires clients to actually read the reports they’ve commissioned.

My experience as both a founder and a start-up marketer has taught me what can be achieved with limited resources starting from a zero base – a clear understanding of the difference between ’nice to have’ and ‘must-have’. I absolutely love starting with a blank page working with companies with few customers and even less awareness and seeing where the journey takes us.

FYI I have something of a compulsive learning disorder in that I’m always reading, browsing or studying. I’ve just completed a Certificate in Designing Innovative Services to formalise my skills and interest in design thinking. I speak French and Spanish quite well and am reacquainting myself with Dutch, spending 30 minutes a day on the Duolingo app (it’s fantastic). I’m hugely interested in design thinking and research so I am making my way through an excellent reading list and don’t get me started on my dystopian literature craze.