21 Reasons to Vote No Way

Despite the dearth of media coverage and general discussion, Friday’s referendum will ask us a second question in addition to marriage equality; namely reducing the age at which candidates are eligible for election to the office of President from 35 to 21.

The proposal is contained in the Thirty-Fifth Amendment of the Constitution (Age of Eligibility for Election to the Office of President) Bill 2015.

The current Article 12.4.1° of the Constitution states:
Every citizen who has reached his thirty-fifth year of age is eligible for election to the office of President.
It is proposed to replace this with:
Every citizen who has reached the age of twenty-one years is eligible for election to the office of President.

I propose the following:

21 Things to Do instead of being President in your 20s:

  1. Get drunk.
  2. Get stoned.
  3. Get drunk and stoned.
  4. Go traveling.
  5. Win a scholarship and blow it by dropping out of college.
  6. Come back as a “mature” student.
  7. Waste a summer repeating exams and still fail.
  8. Walk out of your part-time job by throwing your apron on the floor after having an argument with the boss in the deep freeze.
  9. Learn a new language.
  10. Go to a country for a summer to learn the language and blow all your money in the first fortnight traveling.
  11. Get into a velcro costume, run and bounce on a trampoline and not stick to the wall and come home in a neck brace.
  12. Have a dysfunctional summer in Denmark.
  13. Wrestle and win back your stolen moped while still moving in traffic in a European capital.
  14. Get arrested.
  15. Break up with your boyfriend of 18 months because you don’t like his shoes.
  16. Buy yourself a super pair of rollerblades that cure a broken heart.
  17. Go out with someone kinda rough and realise twenty years later that they were probably a cocaine dealer.
  18. Stay up all night if you’ve an early flight in case you sleep through.
  19. Get your body pierced.
  20. Ignore all water safety rules by swimming in the pitch dark while under the influence.
  21. Have fun!

Then spend your 30s and early 40s correcting all of the above. Then when you’re “a tattered coat upon a stick,” consider running for President. A misspent youth is a well spent youth!

All suggestions and events depicted above are entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental. 🙂

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