404, no I’m not lost

With my great age comes a certain pernicketiness and selfishness with my time and how I spend it. I am done with ‘conferences’. I am no longer willing to be a 6-hour spectator of the sheep dip of sponsors’ talks with their tops fives, lessons learned and must-have tools – the sum total of learnings which could be gleaned from 40 minutes on Dr. Google / YouTube / Udemy.

For me, a conference has to be a blend of un-conference, installations, performances, pitches, exciting tech, inspiration and above all participation. That’s why I love Congregation and InspireFest – you get it all. A new kid on the block is 404 which is positioning itself as the ultimate tech meetup and I strongly suspect it’s going to be right up my street.

For starters, I love the brand – the name is smart and the design is strong – too many years working with top class designers to not notice.

I also absolutely love the venue – Royal Hospital Kilmainham – home to IMMA, one of my favourite museums.

404 has the magic mix – main stage and lightning talks (which I presume are streams) and an impressive line-up of installations – music, VR, meditation tech, Tech4Good, robotics… need I say more?

The list of featured community meetups alone makes it worthwhile to visit their website, much less engage with them.

Anyway, toddle along, get out of the dungeon and go meet our community. Tickets available here, now enjoy.

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