A premier(e) scandal in the cloud

Yet again I find myself starting a blog post thinking ‘I’m not really this cynical but…’

If I were launching a movie about some personal content going AWOL in the cloud, what luck to have an enormous scandal centred around the very same theme of my movie?  Not to mention the added boon of said personal content belonging to a beautiful, talented and arrived (not up and coming anymore) young woman.


If you google “sex tape movie”, you are returned about 10,600,000 results but if you google “sex tape movie jennifer lawrence”, guess what, the figure is higher, much higher i.e. about 89,900,000.

Go figure.

P.S. I  know I’m about a week too late in this blog post but hey I’ve been busy and I’m not selling a movie, The weather has also been glorious so that is never good for this blog.

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