Effective and Efficient waffle

Have you ever described a product or service you use to a friend as being efficient or effective or both?

I’ll bet you €100 NEVER because we tend not to use the labels of axes of business matrices to describe our experiences. Yet, how often have you read a testimonial or watched a company video that describes their solution as efficient and effective? The answer is too often. It stinks of textbook jargon and lacks authenticity.

The secret to authentic testimonials

A big reveal is coming.

  1. Ask your customers for feedback and use that feedback to describe your product.
  2. Ask your customers for a testimonial rather than writing it yourself.

How to overcome [most] customers’ fear of writing

Another big reveal is coming.

  1. Ask your customers if they can spare 5-10 minutes to talk to you about their usage of your product/service; or
  2. Ask your customers to send you a few key points eg. what they like about it, the impact it has had. Tell them not to worry about grammar, punctuation, spelling or structure because you just want their opinions.

In both these circumstances, use your own writing skills to polish up their feedback into a nice authentic testimonial which you will send to them for approval.

How’s that for efficiency and effectiveness?


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