Technology for Good Today

I’ve been know to say “I’ve been kicking around the web/tech industry in Ireland like a dirty penny since the mid 90s” but today was a particularly good day in terms of the research and marketing projects that have found me*.

Years ago, way way before there was even a Celtic kitten, I worked through another bubble of economic insanity – the dotcom bubble** and in response to a really high profile flop, that I was loosely involved in (aged 26 or so), I remember thinking what a waste!

How can forty or more really bright, 4th level educated, hardworking, dedicated,  ambitious people just leave a building each carrying their belongings and a p45 and have absolutely nothing to show for the months and years spent in company X?  What about all those all-nighters, the weekends coding, the bad diet, social disengagement, frayed friendships and relationships. For what? Why?

The answer is simple. The projects that kept them oh so busy were just rubbish. No value then, even less now but because there was E-uphoria then they got funded.

Today was not at all like any of the conversations I had all those years ago because the projects are worthwhile and are harnessing technology to:

  • Up-skill unemployed people at no personal cost whilst providing a real benefit to the sponsor companies;
  • Retrain MBA students in newer forms of technology that will enable them to advance their careers and/or switch to a better career;
  • Assistive technology – the real diamond in the rough. What it is all really about. What is the function of technology or any progress if it cannot help those who need it most?

Each of those projects will stand the test of time, and if 40 or more really bright, 4th level educated, hardworking, dedicated,  ambitious people work really long hours, there will be something to show for their graft instead of a 404. I too am honoured to be involved.

* The ‘found me’ concept is for another post but it’s more or less how I do the exact opposite of what I preach to my clients and it works out, but another time!
** Now the dotcom days, the diary of which could be my own Almost Famous/Cameron Crowe yarn.

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