Twin Twin Peaks, a short by Joy Redmond

Here is a short film I made as part of the Gap Arts Festival Mobile Device Filmmaking Project – funded and supported by Wexford County Council’s ‘Artist in Community Scheme’.

Intrepid local filmmaker Terence White presented several workshops on all aspects of mobile filmmaking from apps to turn your phone into a studio-quality video recorder, to the importance of external audio recording and editing, etc.

I chose to document an all-day hillwalking fundraiser I did for Gorey Youth Needs.

Lessons Learned:

In hindsight, I probably should have focussed on recording the other participants rather than completing the grueling challenge with them. It meant that all rest stops were used to load footage onto my laptop and set up the shots for the next takes. The audio quality isn’t ideal as most of it was obscured by my heavy breathing!  A super day out and lots of money raised for a very deserving organisation. Thanks to all the participants for their company and contributions on the day.

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